Non-Chemical Instant Drain Opener for all Diameter Drains

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  • The Kleer Drain(tm) Instant Drain Opener -- by M.A.G. Engineering and Manufacturing of Huntington Beach -- received the hardware industry's "Retailer's Choice Award," out of a field of thousands, for revolutionary technology that uses a burst of compressed air to clear clogged household drains fast and effectively.

    Non-Chemical Instant Drain Opener for all Diameter Drains. Magic Manny demonstrates PowerFlo's non-chemical shock wave pushing a red towel jammed in a glass drain clear out of the drain system

  • HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 15, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- A new instant drain opener introduced at the recent International Hardware Show in Chicago was hailed as one of the most outstanding and innovative products of 2004.

    LOWEST SALE PRICE EVER!!! Kleer drain instant drain opener is a super powerful compressed air drain opener. Kleer Drain instant drain opener utilizes efficient air burst technology to quickly clear the toughest clogs and obstructions in drains for showers, bathtubs, sink, toilets and exterior decks or yard drains and -- unlike other drain cleaning products -- it is environmentally safe. Once the Kleer Drain unit is loaded with a CO2 cartridge press firmly down on the handle, the needle punctures the cartridge sending a powerful burst of air through the chamber & into the drain, instantly unclogging it. The Power Disks are used for severe clogs that may be a distance down the drain pipe.

    Powerflo is designed for commercial use and contains a propellant formula that when released in water, expands rapidly, creating a standing wave. Using the water in the pipe as a hydraulic ram, Powerflo pushes the blockage through. No air pressure or chemical is actually used to accomplish this. Powerflo will not shoot up vent pipes and focusing only on the blockage.

    Contains approximately 22 applications per can making it the most cost-effective drain solution. With no harsh chemicals, acids, CFC’s, or lye, Powerflo is safe for the environment.

    Water is needed for Powerflo to operate effectively. The grey plastic cap must be submerged below water or water must be added separately to it. If there is standing water in the blocked fixture do not remove it, block overflow vents or opposite sink with a damp rag, place the Powerflo can and applicable components of the 3 part kit, upside down over the drain opening and press firmly for one second. Note: Hold the can for a few seconds for slow moving drains. Powerflo is capable of unblocking drains up to: 50’ down a 1-1/2” diameter drain, 45’ down a 2” diameter drain, 35’ down a 2-1/2” diameter drain, 25’ down a 4” diameter drain, 18’ down a 5” diameter drain, 12’ down a 6” diameter drain.

    • Dislodges blockages up to a maximum of 50' down a 1.5" drain line and to a minimum of 12' down a 6" diameter drains
    • Will not contaminate the ground water.
    • 3 part kit enables Powerflo to be used all types of drains
    • For blocked or slow running drains
    • No Acids or dangerous chemicals
    • Compressed gas formula creates a standing wave which leads to instant drain opening
    • Will not travel up air vents

  • Technical specification of Instant Power Drain Opener Bottle, 1 L
    Brand Instant Power
    Type Drain opener

    Powerflo is the first line of defense when dealing with initial blockage issues. Its small and compact size makes it easy to carry to problem locations for instant drain opening. Before using snakes and cameras, Powerflo can usually remove the most common blockages quickly and cost effectively.

Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit | Minnesota Home Outlet

Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit is essential to keep in your home. Gloves and goggles protect hands and eyes from exposure to harmful chemicals. Pair of nitrile gloves are heavy duty, reusable, and latex-free. Splash goggles are indirectly vented and adjustable for maximum comfort. Use with drain openers, most chemicals, DIY projects, painting, gardening, and cleaning.