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Kaleidocolors Blue Powder Lightener Packette

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  • I had dark auburn hair that I wanted to drab/recolor to a brown. I was going to use this to pre-lighten but the lady at boston beauty insisted I try using a light ash mixed with a neutral with a 20 dev first. Well that was a disaster, and I went against my better judgement listening to her and doing this. I was left with DARK nearly black hair with red underneath. So the next day I got Kaleidocolor Bleach in BLUE, left it on for 15 minutes, and it lightened the color to a lvery light orange (which is fine with me because I wasn't trying to go blonde. I later toned to a medium golden brown.) The best thing about this bleach was that it didn't do any significant damage to my hair. And I've used lots of different bleaches and color removers on many occasions. This is the least damaging I've ever used. My hair was left with no breakage (and it was pretty fried to begin with ) and still relatively silky and easy to brush through. I didn't use heat when processing. I'd say this was about as drying, or maybe even less drying, than the dye I normally use: excellence color cream. I've done more damage to my hair trying to lighten it with dawn. I'm very happy it didn't fry my hair and the color was pretty uniform as well. The 2nd best thing about this product is that when I toned with a medium brown, the color didn't go too dark. In the past whenever I used ColorFix or Color Oops or any other color remover, the color always, ALWAYS, went almost black when I recolored. Even when I used a medium or dark blond, the color would come out looking black. You don't have to worry about that with this product. I got a tub of this for about $12 and change, which is relatively cheap compared to some others that cost that much for one application. I still have enough left for several more applications (which hopefully I won't need for a long time. ). I would recommend this I guess for subtle to moderate lightening effects. Maybe there are better bleaching products out there if you're trying to go blonde or white.

    Bleach has changed since I was in the hair-cooking game; formulas with toners and conditioners are now common. I picked up Kaleidocolor powder bleach, and a 40 volume developer by Ms. Kay. The bleach had a purple toner to keep brassiness to a minimum, and the high-volume developer would be ideal for high-lift, short applications AWAY from the scalp. Never use 40 volume bleach on or close to the scalp, as the ever-loving be-Yeezus out of it, resulting in horrific welts.

  • I've used kaleidocolors bleach before, with little success: while it doesn't seem to cause any perceivable damage, it also DOES NOT LIFT MUCH. Or at least it doesn't lift my natural color much.

    Dyeing / highlighting 3b 3c natural hair with Clairol Kaleidocolors bleach in Blue and Neutral. Using 10 and 30 volume creme developers. Shampoo w/ Creme of Nature ultra Moisturizing Shampoo, Deep Conditioned with Curls Curl Ecstasy and Queen Helen's Cholesterol.

This is my favorite go-to bleach when I need to re-do my roots.