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Magiclean Kitchen Bleach

Lysol Professional Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, Citrus Scent, 32 oz

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  • As a regular tesco shopper I have tried and liked a lot of there own products but when it came to cleaning products such as washing up tablets, softener and bleach I was always weary of trying cheaper brands but I bit the bullet one day and decided what's the harm in trying, if I don't like the product I simply don't buy it again. So instead of buying dearer brands of kitchen cleaner I bought the tesco kitchen spray with bleach which cost only 90p for a 500ml bottle.

    The bottle is tall and thin and is mostly white with orange on the top and spray parts as well as on the label. It must be stored in a cool place and not exposed to extreme temperatures so we keep in with the rest of our cleaning products below our sink which is where a lot of people seem to keep these types of things. As with a lot of products which contain bleach it is always recommended that you try the product on a small unnoticeable area first.

    To use you turn the spray nozzle to the on position and spray directly onto the surface which you are cleaning. It comes out in short sprays so I always spray quite a bit and leave it for a few minutes on tough stains. Then using either a clean cloth or paper towel wipe over the surface and most stains come out fairly easily but any tough stains do take a bit of elbow grease to get them out but I don't mind scrubbing as its a bit of a workout for your arms. After wiping away all the stains rinse immediately. Once you are finished with the product you should turn the nozzle back to the off position.

    I would definitely recommend this product for everyone to try as it gets rid of kitchen stains and germs and smells ok compared to other kitchen spray bleaches.

    Katie is wish it were true about most family’s in europe not using bleach! Its like a drug they are all hooked on to keep them healthy. I have friends that after getting a few crumbs on the kitchen table reach for the bleach spray and give me a headache for the next couple of hours despite me being the other side of the room. When staying in a hotel I always leave the sign on to not clean the room as they usually douse everything with chemicals. It’s a hard lonely life at times.

  • -See kaneo bleaching kitchen bleach 600 ml' is health bleach made in the kitchen only. Removes stains cannot take it in kitchen detergent, cleanses, cloudy, darkening, etc.. Securely removes germs odors on cutting board and towel.

    The secret to the Norwex cloths is the combo of tightly woven microfiber and the silver. The microfiber picks up something like 99.5% of particles and holds onto them, letting the silver disinfect. In several of the home parties I’ve been at, the host has rubbed raw chicken on the kitchen table, then used a test kit with a swab to measure bacteria and protein. Then, she wiped the surface with a damp norwex cloth…she took a swab of the table again and it came out clean. She also used the cloth to rub a few other areas that did not previously have chicken juice on them and tested, just to demonstrate that the bacteria is not transferred to new surfaces. Then for good show, she wiped her own raw chicken fingers with the cloth and stuck a finger right in her mouth. I’ve used only used Norwex cloths to clean up in the kitchen for a few years now (raw meat and everything) and we’ve not had any issues.

    kitchen bleach addgood 600 ml

    In the kitchen bleach, cleaning, sterilization, hygiene and deodorant.
    Is chlorine bleach .

    Use standard

    Dishcloth and hand towels bleaching and disinfecting, odor removal: to 1 L of water 6 ml (Cap approximately 1 / 4 cup)

    You can use one
    -Plastic products, wood and bamboo and pottery
    -Shear glass, white goods or products (cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic, rayon, Cupro)
    -Part resin processed fiber products and metal containers, tools
    -Lacquer, Melamine tableware, hair brush
    Shear hair, silk, nylon, acetate and polyurethane fiber products, colored, patterned, not products

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  • kitchen bleach addgood 600 ml

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