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  • Unfortunately, neither lemon nor bleach is a fix-all. The key to preventing future outbreaks is to go straight to the source—repair all leaks, keep humidity levels low, and be sure the area or item has plenty of ventilation. The best defense against stubborn shower mold or mildew is to dry the shower down completely before you get out.

    Does lemon juice lighten leg hair? Using lemon to bleach leg hair is a common practice. It is a safe and easy remedy. Due to its acidic nature, lemon juice has long been used as a natural way to lighten leg hair. How to lighten leg hair with lemon juice,

  • 10. Lastly, for those who want optimum effects, lemon can be used as bleach. Simply remember the key ingredients to use in making bleach. Don’t invest much in bleach rather in ingredients that can help moisturize skin. The bad part about bleach formulas high in bleach is that is can cause dry skin – which can sometimes lead to dermatitis and serious skin diseases. Dry skin can cause breakages in the epidermal layer and can pave way for bacterial invasion. For lemon bleach, simply remember to add yoghurt, egg white, milk, honey, castor oil and such ingredients that can counteract the drying properties of bleach. Balance is all. Now, is lemon good for skin lightening? It definitely is.

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