Are you sick of the lint? Try a lint remover!

Mini Clothes Fuzz Pill Remover Shaver Lint Remover

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Lint Removing Sheets, 30 Count

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  • Remove pilling on sweaters. What the Flicka? posted a tutorial for fixing a pilled sweater, and it is so easy! You just use a razor to cut the pilling and then use a lint remover to take off the pilling. What a great trick!

    1pcs Lint Remover Electric Lint Fabric Remover Pellet Sweater Clothes Shaver Machine to Remove the Pellets House Cleaning Tool #>=#>=#>=#>=#> Click on the pin to check out discount price, color, size, shipping, etc. Save and like it!

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    Tower’s handy lint remover is perfect for removing lint, fluff and stubborn pet hair! The sticky sheets are gentle on fabric and can be easily removed and disposed of. Tower’s lint remover can be used on furniture, linen, clothing, vehicle interiors and much more.

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    Remove lint and pilling quickly and easily with this Jumbo Lint Remover / Shaver. The Lint Remover will revitalise and bring new life into your fabric. Use it on t-shirts, business shirts, coats, pants and more to have your clothes looking like new again. Its large jumbo size makes it perfect for removing pilling and fluff on drapes, furniture upholstery, blankets, sheets, rugs, carpets or anything you can think of.

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FF6565 lint remover
2AA battery operated (battery not included)
Material: ABS + PS
Size: 12.6X6.4X7.7cm
Packing: 80PCS/CTN, individual gift box
Dimension: 56.7X34.4X34cm
N. ...