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Amazing Liquid Fire Pipe & Drain Opener Hair Clog Remover (1 Quart -- 32 Oz.)

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  • Hatfield said that an anonymous tip led law enforcement to get a search warrant for York’s residence. During the search, units allegedly discovered several items used to manufacture the drug methamphetamine, including lithium batteries, Liquid Fire drain opener, lye, filters, rubber tubing, and other items, according to Hatfield.

    All officials entering the residence were cleared by St Johns County Fire Rescue, suited up in protective gear and self-contained breathing apparatus. While clearing the residence for safety, evidence collection teams located a salt generator, Gatorade bottles and filters, liquid fire drain opener, mason jars, an air purifier and hose, propane container, acetone, coffee filters, vacuum converted into a filter system, combination lock box with numerous plastic baggies, needles, and miscellaneous pills, package of Epsom salt, box of 12-hour Sudafed, glass smoking pipe, 2 blister packs containing Sudafed 12-hour pills, 2 blister packs containing Sudafedrin hydrochloride, 120 mg, digital scale, date book with names and numbers written in it, credit card with white residue, lighter fluid, bottle of neon gas lighter refill, small clear container with white “rocky” substance, magic bullet containing numerous white pills, and a bottle of muratic acid.

  • Campton mixed lye, cold packs, Drano, Liquid Fire drain opener, salt, lighter fluid and batteries in bottles, which he shook to produce the meth, Dortch told police.

    Amazing Liquid Fire drain opener offers a professional solution for cleaning drains of all types including showers, tubs, sinks and septic systems. The formula works quickly and requires less material in order to clear drains than its competitors.

  • A Conneaut Spartans duffel bag was found to contain one bottle of Liquid Fire drain line opener, lithium batteries, salt and ammonium nitrate, all materials used to make methamphetamine. Also inside the bag were plastic tubing, a funnel, coffee filters, cotton balls, a grinder, empty soda bottle and a respirator.

Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener 16oz

Liquid Fire Drain Opener, Liquid Pipe Thaw, and Liquid Lightning Drain Opener ALL have the letter "D" in the name. Some are or contain sulphuric acid while others are based on sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Here you see the damage 4 days after using a sulphuric acid product. Perhaps it was a trade name violator and/or knock-off product.