MelaPower 6x Laundry Detergent Safer For Your Home

Bought a commercial portable carpet extractor. experimented with the Mela Power laundry detergent, Mela Brite and Mela Magic.

Melaleuca Mela Power Laundry Detergent Mountain Fresh 48oz/96 Load

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  • When I first started looking for natural cleaning products for my household chores, I bought Melaleuca's MelaPower Laundry Detergent. Having only used traditional detergents for years, I was surprised at how well this natural detergent worked. It exceeded my expectations in every way, and made me realize that there were household products out there that were effective, while at the same time being safer for my family to use.

    While made of natural ingredients, this detergent is a powerful cleaner, and does a great job on even the dirtiest laundry loads.

    Melaleuca's MelaPower is a concentrated laundry detergent, which makes a bottle pretty reasonably priced. It also lasts a long time - the big bottle will last over 90 loads. While detergents you find in the stores are mostly comprised of water, you just use a small amount of the MelaPower mixed with the water your washing machine provides.

    There are three scents but I like the free and clear, which is fragrance free.

    MelaPower Laundry Detergent is 6x's concentrated, which means it would take 3 bottles of Tide (96 loads) to equal the same amount that MelaPower will do. MelaPower is only $16.99 comared to $26.97 as a preferred customer it is so worth it!

  • I love the Melapower detergent, the ProvexCV, the Melabrite, the dishwashing liquid, The lemon Brite, the Tub & Tile bathroom cleaner, just to name a few. I love the products because it works just as good as the brands from the grocery store and better. I love the benefits that you receive from Melaleuca, they really have the consumer in mind. As a marketing executive, I am so please with the financial opportunity it affords me to be able to not worry about an income for my family. I can’t say that I have a favorite product but I do love the detergent and the Tub and Tile. I also enjoy the GC Tea. They taste great!

    I am so happy to have come across Melaleuca 6 years ago. I love all the products, and the amazing vitamins. I love the Melapower Laundry detergent and all the cleaning products, they are amazing!

  • I’ve used Melaleuca products for 2 months. I like concentrated cleaning products because they last so long. I like not having to purchase these products every month. The melapower detergent is my favorite. It leaves clothing fresh and clean which is a must in my home.

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Bought a commercial portable carpet extractor. experimented with the Mela Power laundry detergent, Mela Brite and Mela Magic. Put 1oz. of Mela Magic in a 1gal. spray pump and pre sprayed the carpet then racked it with a carpet rack. Gave it 5min. dwell time. Added 10gal. of water to the extraction tank, 2oz. of […]