Melting it with Metallic Gold Nail Polish

Staying with the bling look, let us move on to the Metallic Gold Nail Polish range. , as with Silver, comes in many shades and nuances.

3X Pocket Size Ultra Slim Metal Nail Files with Nail Cleaner Tip

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  • Work in that metal look with Metal Nail Polish with a mirror and chrome effect. The look screams sophistication but with a dab of “out-there” madness.

    Take it up a notch with Metallic Mirror Nail Polish and know that you can have a squizz at that beautiful mugg anytime just by bringing your nails closer. (lol)

  • Red is the most powerful color a woman can wear and why not bring it strong and proud to your beautiful nails. Take a look at these images which show off the many faces of red in the metallic nail polish range.

    You can use either acrylic or gel overlays with the trendy silver metalic nail polish. Your ideas are as limiting as well as your mind allows it to be.

    Product ImagePolish RackNail paint bottlesWidthHeightPriceRating
    Nail Polish Wall Rack (Metal Frame, Unbreakable)
    - For all kind of brands such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze
    - Color: White, Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Gold, Pink, Purple, & Green
    - 6 pounds

    10021"25"$33.99 5
    96 Bottle Nail Polish Wall Rack Display
    - Clear Acrylic Lucite Material Display
    - 6 Rows
    - High Quality

    Nail Polish Table Rack Display
    - Acrylic Counter Display
    - Heavy Duty
    - 6 Rows
    7217"8" $25.004.7
    Cheap Acrylic Nail Polish Table Rack Display 60 Bottles
    - Counter Display
    - Durable Acrylic
    - 5 rows
    Professional Black Metal Nail Polish Mountable 6 Tier Organizer Display Rack
    - 6 shelves
    - Wrought iron
    - includes multipurpose towel
    - Official MyGift® product
    Nail Polish Table Rack Display
    - Acrylic Counter Display
    - Heavy Duty
    - 6 Rows

    PANA Brand Nail Polish Wall Rack (Fit Up to 102 Nail Polish) (Metal Frame, Unbreakable) - Unbreakable- color: BLACK

  • Pink is a girls best friend and taking it on with our varied range of pink metallic nail polish, will mean you can do pink no matter the occasion.

some pretty metallic nail polishes i know it s not for everyone but i

Whether you are splashing out for the night and need a little shine to add to your style or even if you are having a dull day and crave some pick-me-uppers, try metallic nail polish.