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MRS MEYERS 64 Load Laundry Detergent, Honeysuckle, 64.0 Fluid Ounce

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  • I have been using the lavender scent of this brand for the past two months.

    Previously I was using a . I tell you this because the homemade formula produced soap rings in my washing machine.

    I had read about Mrs. Meyers products on the internet and visited the homepage. I decided to try it.

    After one use of Mrs. Meyers detergent the soap ring was gone!

    Of course that is not the only benefit of this detergent. It gets my clothes incredibly clean and I don't have to use that much.

    I only use half a cap full and my clothes come out clean with a wonderful lavender scent. I hang my clothes on a rack to dry and my drying room emits a heavenly lavender scent as I pass it by.

    Mrs. Meyers is reasonably priced since you don't have to use a lot per load. It is an all around favorite. The scent isn't obtrusive or overpowering. It is just right.

    Thanks Brin for sharing your review of this product.

    I know that a lot of people love the scent of Mrs. Meyers products, which are designed for aromatherapy. They have lots of products that corresponding scents too, so you can have the same fragrance in many areas of your home, if desired, which is something lots of people like.

    So, has anyone else used Mrs. Meyers detergent to wash their clothes? If so, please , telling me which scent you used, and how you liked (or disliked) it.

    The lavender is such a great scent. It reminds me of ginger ale for some reason, a great, nose-tickling scent. And nothing beats hopping into sheets freshly washed with Mrs. Meyers lavender detergent. One of my dogs even goes straight for the bed when I change the sheets, she loves the scent, too, and how soft this detergent makes the bedding.

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