What's considered a mild detergent?

what is mild detergent?

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  • The best kind of detergent to use when cleaning your Pomeranians bed is a lite or mild detergent such as . If you can’t find a pet detergent a baby detergent will work just fine.

    You've made me think now op, I've always assumed Fairy Liquid was mild detergent and use it for nearly everything. (Because one bottle really does last about ten times longer than ownbrand).

  • I've been reading a bit about saving money on cleaning products recently and keep seeing something along the lines of, "clean using a solution of water and mild detergent."

    Is this literally warm water with a small squirt of dish washing liquid? Or are some detergents milder than others?

    On the main floor off the kitchen, I have 2 blankets folded in half on top of each other. The girls like to lay on them to keep an eye on me when I’m cooking. To clean blankets, it’s as simple as laundering the materials in a washing machine. It is best to use hot water and a mild detergent soap to help kill any insect eggs that may be harboring amongst the bedding. It is preferable to line dry in natural sunlight.

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    Mild detergent is something like dishwashing liquid. They're just saying "Don't use BonAmi and steel wool or else you'll scratch it."


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    What is a mild detergent?

    I've had things from clothes to furniture to my new stainless steel Thermos bottle that came with labels advising that they should always be cleaned with a mild detergent. What is a mild detergent? Are they afraid I'm going to use Ajax and steelwool? Or am I supposed to go out and buy a bottle of Woolite for these items?

    Our free of pollutants organic olive mild detergent is based on pure olive oil soap and therefore especially gentle to fabrics and thoroughly cleans your laundry from low temperatures starting at 20°C. Wool, silk and other dainty textures are demanding materials and react sensitivly to harsh detergents. The added lavender oil from certified organic farming enriches the laundry with a pleasant, delicate scent whilst acting antiseptic.

    Applied to the skin oilve oil is known for its healing and calming effects. Added to the detergent it protects and maintains your fibers. The pure vegetable ingredients of our organic detergent are entirely biodegradable. We take care of an energy- and environmentally friendly production process 100% without animal testing.

    Caution: Keep away from children.

    Usage instructions: Pour into dedetergent department of your washing mashine; do not directly apply to dry laundry.

    Hand wash: 15–30 ml per 5 l water

    Capacity: 1 l olive detergent lasts 17 wash loads containing 2,5 kg dry washing

    Ingredients:15–30% soap from olive oil*; 5–15% non-ionic tensides (sugar tenside); 1–5% soap from rapeseed oil*/sunflower oil*; 1–5% vegetable alcohol (ethanol);

    *from certified organic farming and collection from the wild

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You can absolutely wash your down comforter without taking it to a dry cleaner. All you need is a mild detergent, and a few hours spent at the laundromat.