#08120 Niagara Original Spray Starch 12/22oz

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niagara original spray starch may be an old lady product

Niagara Original Spray Starch

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  • My husband wears a shirt and tie to work everyday. Our weekly dry cleaning bill became more than I cared to shell out every week. So I took it upon myself to save a little on the household budget and do the washing & ironing of his work shirts myself. How hard can it be? My grandmother, bless her, ironed everything. Sheets, sweaters, pajamas. She always said it ironing something gave it a 'nice finish'. Well if she could iron everything in her house, I could handle a handful of dress shirts every week. So I revisited a product that I remember being used often by my grandmother when I was little. Niagra Original Spray Starch. You lightly spray the shirt after laundering and the iron just glides over the fabric and melts away all those wrinkles. There is something oddly comforting about the scent of the starch being crisped by the heat of the iron. And yes, the spray starch gives my husbands dress shirts a professional crisp finish every time. At $1.79 for a 22 ounce can, it sure beats the dry cleaning bills. So don't be afraid to take on the incredibly soothing experience of ironing and be sure to use Niagra for a 'nice finish'.

    Give your clothes that professional edge with Niagara Original Spray Starch. Your iron smoothly glides along the spray, taking wrinkles and creases out of light-weight fabrics like cotton and wool with ease. Feel good about the formula that is made in the USA to add a softer, crisp finish without CFCs.

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      #08120 Niagara Original Spray Starch 12/22oz

  • #08120 Niagara Original Spray Starch 12/22oz

    Niagara® Spray Starch
    Designed for the traditional, budget-conscious buyer. Niagara® provides a long-lasting, professional finish for every kind of fabric. Uniforms are crisp, creases are sharp, and fabrics look and feel refreshed. The new non-aerosol products are friendlier to the environment

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Spray entire garment lightly and evenly