Noxon 12 Oz. Bottle Noxon 7 Metal Polish

In order to get some hardwater stains, etc. out of my 2 quart stainless steel pot, I used Noxon 7 Metal Polish to clean the inside.

Noxon 7 Liquid Metal Polish, 12 oz (Pack of 1)

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  • I suspect the latter. Fall is when I look up at my hanging display of copper pans and climb the stepladder, taking the pans down and polishing them by one of the nasty methods required. For years, I used a gritty mint-green abrasive that came with its own little sponge. If I couldn’t find that, I settled for Noxon 7 Metal Polish, whose name seemed to herald its awful smell. By whatever method, cleaning copper produces a beautiful blush pink.

    My question is, is it typical to use Noxon 7 Metal Polish inside your pots and pans? And if so, does it not leave a smell or coating that will affect food?

  • NOXON 7 Metal Polish cleans and shines seven difference metals: stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, pewter, brass, bronze and copper. The thick formula is easy to use on a variety of household items, both inside and outside your home.

    Upgrade to 2-Day Air for only $1.99! Noxon 7 Liquid Metal Polish, 12 oz (Pack of 1) New Item Description Nn, 12 oz metal Polish, used to clean shine brass, bronze, copper, , stainless steel, aluminum pewter. Feedback Due to the large number of feedback we receive, our automated system will leave feedback for you as soon as we receive your payment. Return Policies We offer a 30 day return policy from checkout winning date. An RMA number is required for all returns. Message us for return instruct

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    RE: Plastic bags and boot marks on exhaust

    I have had success with laquer thiner and a cotton rag followed by Noxon 7 metal polish.

  • Using your favorite brass cleaner (my favorites are Noxon 7 Metal Polish made by Rekkit & Coleman, and Pine-Ola Copper and Brass Polish made by Howard Products), attack using a soft cloth and a soft toothbrush. Stubborn or intricate pieces often clean better after soaking in a plastic tub of cleaner for a while. While rubbing away, keep checking to make sure you have not penetrated the brass plating if dealing with non-solids. Rinse the hardware with water and a clean toothbrush to remove all traces of cleaner. At this point you may want to start over again. The results will be amazing.

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The attached photo shows some of my attempts at restoring some Erector set parts. The upper DP was like the lower one until I used some Noxon 7 Metal Polish followed by NEVR-DULL polish.