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nuSOFT Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets 50ct

nuSOFT Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener 50 Ct Dryer Sheets (Pack of 6)

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  • nuSOFT Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets 2pk by NuSoft. $7.95. Get the same fresh springtime scent of liquid nuSoft in a dryer sheet. This hypoallergenic formula softens naturally with coconut and contains no dyes or colors. Make your laundry cuddly soft & clothesline fresh! Fifty sheets per box.. Save 47% Off!

    NuSoft fabric softener ad 1963 - 8 x 11 inches of a colored ad. Look what a difference Nu Soft makes. The jumper rinsed with NuSoft is smooth, needs no ironing. Renews the softness detergents wash away.

  • This fine vintage advertisement for a 1957 ad for NuSoft Fabric Softener is in very good condition with slightly rough edges & slightly yellowed and measures approx. 9 1/4" x 12 1/4". This ad is suitable for framing. This ad depicts a woman holding clean towels and a man is looking at the towels.

    Grease Relief is a laundry grease and oily stain remover and all-purpose kitchen cleaner. It joins Malco’s consumer products including Zud, Twinkle Polish, Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Cleaner, Bluette Laundry Bluing, NuSoft Fabric Softener and Linit Liquid Starch.

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    Checkrate/Likes          Calgonite dishwasher powder!! Tidy House Spring Rain water softener powder. REAL Ivory dish liquid, not the formula sold now. Coconut NuSoft fabric softener. REAL Zest "deodorant beauty bar," not this fake-o stuff sold now. Fostex facial cleansing bar. Lawrence/Maytagbear

    I've heard Shoprite sells Liquid NuSoft Fabric Softener. ..if any of you live near this store the next time you happen to be in one would you check it out for me please? Thanks a bunch.

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