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Restore wood and remove water rings with some homemade furniture polish.

Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax & Lavender Furniture Polish

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  • For a clean, toxin-free home, toss that dangerous petroleum-based product and replace it with a homemade or commercial organic wood polish. It's simple, it's quick, and it's inexpensive. It's much better for your family's health, and your furniture will thank you, too!

    Replacing non-organic commercial wood polish with an organic polish or homemade formula will result in a healthier and more pleasant environment as well as provide superior wood care for fine furniture. For added benefit, using a homemade formula is also a money-saver, using ingredients that can probably already be found in the home.

  • Due to the dangers of the petroleum-based chemicals contained in non-organic wood polish, these products are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as required by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. Along with labeling requirements to warn of the hazards, there is a restricted flow limit required for liquid and aerosol wood polish containers to help reduce the number of child poisoning incidents.

    The primary ingredients in most commercial, non-organic wood polishes are petroleum distillates. These chemicals are refined from crude oil. They include mineral spirits and paraffin wax. Other toxic hydrocarbons used include pine oil, turpentine, and limonene. Petroleum distillates are VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, implicated in a number of serious health disorders from both short-term and prolonged exposure.

  • There are a couple of problems with this scenario. One, the chemicals in non-organic wood polish products are proven to be harmful to health. Two, the chemicals in these polishes, along with overusing them, can be detrimental to the wood surfaces and appearance of your fine furniture.

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Despite the efficiency and eco-friendliness of organic wood polish, conventional, chemical-based products are more commonly used. The manufacturers of commercial wood polishes present their products as being necessary to use every time one dusts to “preserve and protect" the beauty of the wood. The most popular among the wood care products are the convenient aerosols for spray-and-wipe ease, heavily advertised with the happy homemaker gleefully dancing about the home with spray can and cloth in hand, leaving the home sparkling clean with “lemony fresh" goodness.