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Pink Daisy Personal Bleaching Cream

Divine Derriere Hydroquinone Skin Bleaching Cream with 6% Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Vitamin E for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma and Discolorations, 1 oz.

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  • Pink Daisy Labia Bleaching Cream is a personal bleaching cream that's formulated to be so safe and gentle that you can use it on your most intimate areas. This Labia Bleaching Cream is hydroquinone-free and all natural, making it safe for labia bleaching, anal bleaching, nipple bleaching, and any other skin discoloration that might concern you. You can't really bleach the walls of your vagina with it, so we are not calling it a vaginal bleaching cream.

    New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream is sold on third party sites as a skin lightening approach that is affordably prices, but does not offer Buy 2, get 1 Free specials. Although New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream is intended to lighten the look of the nipples and anus, it does not claim it’s applicable on areas like the underarms, penis or scrotum. This product is promoted for men based on its label, but third party site states it can be used by women as well. Be sure to refer to the product label to verify it is safe for use by women.

  • New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream is promoted as Hydroquinone-Free on third party sites, but a detailed ingredients list is not provided. Also, a directions guide for application is not provided as well. Refer to the product label for this information.

    New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream is sold on third party sites. We were unable to locate the manufacturer’s website. Currently Buy 2, Get 1 Free specials are not offered at this time. We are unsure if this product is made in the Unites States. To see how New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream compares to products that are promoted for use on the scrotum and penis, unlike this product, refer to the grid below.

  • Pink Daisy Personal Bleaching Cream is a specially formulated natural solution to lightening sensitive and intimate areas.

    Pink Daisy does NOT contain harsh and harmful chemicals, such as hydroquinone. It features natural and effective ingredients that will not irritate or produce unwelcome side effects.

    It can be used on all skin types and applied on anal, genital, underarms, breasts, nipples, face, hands, and age spots.

    NO Kojic Acid, No Hydroquinone, No harsh chemicals, No irritation.

    Pink Daisy is quickly absorbed and leaves NO residue.

    Find it online at:

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    13 S. Main St
    McAllen, Tx 78501

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