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  • Universal concentrated PH Neutral detergent for cleaning and maintenance of all hard and resilient surfaces such as granite, marble, slate, natural stone, treated terracotta, porcelain stoneware and ceramics. Can be diluted as necessary.

    PH neutral floor detergent for daily maintenance. Ideal for polished floors! Follow these recommendations: 1) Make sure to remove any dirt, coatings, wax or other floor finishes by using our Blitz wax stripper. 2) If there are no coatings or waxes, the floor can be thoroughly cleaned using our heavy-duty floor cleaner strong. 3) Rinse

  • SONIDET is a highly active pH neutral liquid detergent specifically designed for both ultrasonic machine and manual cleaning operations in the medical field. Available in a 5 Litres container only.

    A ph neutral cleaner can be easily made from a store-bought ph neutral dish detergent, mixed with hot water. Use one-fourth of a cup of detergent with one gallon of hot water and combine in a bucket. Another simple homemade cleaner is made from vinegar. Mix one cup of vinegar with one gallon of hot water in a bucket. Be sure to use distilled white vinegar, though. An all-purpose cleaner made from distilled white vinegar has the added benefit of acting as a disinfectant and is well suited for use in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Rinsing the floor is not necessary and the smell evaporates as the floor dries.

Most detergents have a PH closer to 9