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Chalice Box Polish Linden Wood Keepsake Handmade Jewelry Box

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  • Wooden Boxes Wooden boxes, plain or richly decorated, are miniature samples of trunks and crates that were traditionally part of the bride trousseau. The Polish hand carved wood box have been made in the Tatra mountains of Poland for over a millennium. These wooden keepsake boxes were presented in the past as exclusive gifts to royal families throughout Europe and used to keep treasured possessions. The Polish keepsake wooden boxes are made out of seasoned linden wood. They are decorated using traditional wood working techniques of hand carving, brass and copper inlay, and branding, employed in a unique Polish way that creates keepsake boxes with a quintessential Polish look that is loved by all and eagerly sought after. The decorated wooden boxes are stained in a range of natural colors and sealed with a lacquer guaranteeing their durability. The wooden carved boxes are adorned with designs based on plants the natural world around us and a range of geometric shapes. Beloved by all for their earthiness, natural material, and colorfulness the Polish wooden boxes are being put to wide uses as varied as the imagination of the owner. They are oftentimes referred to as treasure boxes, jewelry boxes, or wooden gift boxes. Wooden boxes are functional objects that can store family heirloom, jewelry as well as become a box present inserted into them.

    Hand carved Polish wooden boxes also sell well as special cigar humidors. They are unique and make special gift items for people who smoke cigars.

  • Polish wooden boxes are very popular around the world. These wooden boxes have a reputation for high quality and the manufacturers and artists that make wooden boxes in Poland have an excellent reputation for reliability.

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