5. Use Cornstarch to Clean Polished Wood

I doesn’t work well with highly laquered or polished wood. I would buff it off with a dry cloth.

4 oz Brown Tripoli Polishing Buffing Compound for Metal, Wood, Horn, Hard Rubber - Made in USA

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  • Prevention is better than cure! Whether you’ve recently had some professional restoration or maintenance applied to your furniture or simply want to know how best to maintain your traditional or modern polished wood surfaces, there are a few important rules

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  • 1. Test. When adding polish to wood furniture, the first step is to remove any excess wax buildup from the last time it was treated. Before you begin, it is a good idea to test the remover first. After wiping the surface down with a dry cloth, dampen a rag with wax remover and test a small area of the wood you will be treating. Let the test spot fully dry to make sure there are no adverse affects to the furniture's surface before continuing.

    What causes swirl marks? It's people doing this... people doing this s@... all this... Nobody likes that s@, so we're gonna polish it off because nobody likes that look. I'm gonna take some V36 and show you how to polish wood trim.


    Low speed 1100RPM Buffing Machine is ideally suited for polishing wood, acrylic, lacquered surfaces, plastics and more. Perfect for guitar polishing!

    Kit includes:

    • 1100RPM, 3/4 HP Buffing Machine
    • 6 x 12" diameter acrylic buffing wheels
    • 1 x Plastic Buffing Compound
    • 1 x Plastic-Glo Buffing Compound
    • 5 each 120, 240, 360 and 600 grit Wet and Dry Paper
    • Wheel Rake
    • Instructions


    If the object to be polished has heavy scratches, start by sanding. Start with 120 grit sandpaper, used dry. Switch to a 240 grit paper, dry. Finish with the 400 grit paper, used wet. Grits as fine as 600 may be used. Always use a wooden or rubber sanding block (not supplied). When removing scratches be sure to sand an area larger than the scratch. Sand with a circular motion, and use a light touch and plenty of water when using paper wet.

    Polishing with the buffer will bring the surface a high lustre. Start with the Plastic Buffing Compound (Fine), and then switch to the Plastic-Glo Buffing Compound (Ultra-Fine). Be careful not to apply too much pressure, or excessive heat may cause burning of the part. Dedicate a buffing wheel for each compound, to avoid cross-contamination and introducing scratches into your final polish.

    The buffing machine features large diameter, extended shafts, allowing easy access of larger parts. Heavy duty cast iron base and frame. Precision machined shaft and lubricated bearings for longer life. Single phase motor. May be mounted to a bench, or for greater access, to the optional stand.

    • 3/4 HP, 115V, 60 Hz, 7.8 amps
    • 1100 RPM
    • Spindle thread: 3/4'' x 12 TPI
    • Spindle length: 2-5/16''
    • Base: 8''L x 5-3/4''
    • Overall length of shaft - 30"
    • Height of shaft center from bottom of base - 6.5"
    • 12 month warranty

  • Maintaining the natural texture and shine of wooden surfaces is not as easy as you think it is. Wood sealants and polishes protect wood from moisture, direct sunlight, heat, dry air and burrowing insects. Commercially available wood sealants and polishes contain toxic chemicals that can cause allergies. Besides, you may have to buy them in bulk even if you need very less quantity to cover a small surface area.

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I'm back on this side and I'll show you how to machine polish wood trim. When your rock-hard wood looks good, all the ladies love it. So keep your wood polished, and make sure your knobs look clean. To do this, I'm going to use a Porter Cable 7424XP with a 3'' backing plate. If you want to know how to install a 3'' backing plate, check our YouTube channel for the how-to video. I'm also using a Green Hex-Logic 4.5'' heavy polishing pad.