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Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner - Corded

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  • TAG : Includes Upholstery and Stair Tool, Two Bottles of Rug Doctor 60 oz
  • The portable carpet cleaners not only allows simple maneuverability within a location, but can also be easily transported to a remote site where the cleaning job is to be carried out. The portable carpet steam cleaners come with advanced accessories designed to make the cleaning task not only effective but decidedly simple and quick. For commercial carpet cleaning jobs, Daimer® offers portable carpet steam cleaning machines, in which temperature can reach a high of 210°F within just minutes. They are ideal for cleaning carpets which have accumulated tough, unrelenting stains. Amazingly, the temperature of these portable carpet cleaner machines can be adjusted according to the needs of the cleaning application.

    This is an extremely reliable and powerful extractor that will clean even the toughest jobs. This is an amazing portable carpet steam cleaner that comes with the muscle you need - but this quality doesn't come cheap.

  • Personally, I like where I intend to sleep by myself as I can be sure that no nook and cranny was missed. Its look is similar to a small, handheld vacuum cleaner, but certainly is more capable. Compared to a vacuum cleaner, this portable can disinfect and sanitize while cleaning. Imagine being able to kill two birds with one portable carpet steam cleaner! It’s also very easy to use, as easy as operating a faucet I dare say. Since they are built to be on the go, they are of a compact size for easy storage. They can fit in your check in luggage or even in your carry on or back pack. It’s really powerful as this mechanism can also clean upholstery and what not. You might be wondering how this little device works.

    Have you ever been labeled as a neat freak? Don’t worry; I am a neat freak too. And one of the most common things I do whenever I travel is that I always bring my passport and also my portable carpet steam cleaner with me. I am very particular about the hotels and motels I stay at. I know their housekeeping staff is doing their jobs but I can’t help scenes from different movies and television shows just pop in my head. You know those scenes; where they flash an ultra violet light and all sorts of bodily liquids can be observed. I know it is gross and add to that my instant allergic reaction to dust and grime; it gradually becomes a crazy party. Bringing along my small equipment has helped me a lot. It calms me down with its soothing buzz whenever I think that the place I will be sleeping at is filthy.

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