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  • Removing lint from velour clothing can be accomplished using the right set of tools. Remove lint from velour clothing with help from an image consultant in this free video clip.

    Expert: Tressa Branin
    Bio: Tressa Branin is the owner and founder of Total Style Solutions, Inc., an image consulting firm in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Filmmaker: Nathan Moffett

    Series Description: A variety of different situations and occasions will require different fashion tips, tricks and accessories. Learn about women's fashion with help from an image consultant in this free video series.

    Seriously, is there anything worse than finally getting together the perfect outfit, only to discover after it’s on that you’re covered in lint? How to remove lint from clothes is a skill we all need to master—yet somehow, it gets little attention.

  • Everyone has their own hints and tips that they swear by, so asking several people how to remove lint from clothes can give you some very interesting but still useful information.

    I've actually never seen the point of buying a lint brush. Most of my friends swear by them, but I've never purchased one myself. I prefer to use masking tape to remove lint from my clothes.

  • If you want to learn how to remove lint from clothes, read on. Lint is terrible, especially on certain clothes. We all know that we have two kinds of clothes lurking in our closets: the fuzz givers and the fuzz receivers. The darker the clothes, the more attractive they are to the fuzz that is floating around. And it might only be a coincidence, but the more important the event you are going to or the better the impression that you want to make, the more likely you are to have to deal with a lot.

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I use the by . This is a fantastic garment grooming aid which is a lightweight natural pumice in a product designed specifically for removing lint balls from clothing. The Sweater Stone has a little bits crumble off of the stone when you use it. According to the manufacturer, this is because the stone breaks off a tiny chunk whenever it encounters too much resistance, rather than snagging material. Although the crumbly bits can be shaken off easily. I tend to use the stone prior to washing a sweater.