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  • The MOAI robotic aquarium glass cleaner will be launching a crowdfunding campaign very soon well it will pre-sell for $100 the eventual $299 retail price. []

    Many robotic aquarium glass cleaning robots have come and gone, mostly gone, and they’ve fallen short of doing the job they were designed for. Even if the MOAI falls short of being a great algae cleaner, it can still function as a robotic webcam for our reef tanks, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the MOAI can live up to its promising spec sheet.

  • Seeing the AquaGenesis’ RoboSnail in person is an exciting first generation of robotic aquarium glass cleaners, which for aquarium keepers kind of feels like we have our own “flying car” from the future. There is definitely a cool factor about having an aquarium cleaning robot and who knows that will last until the reality of having an appliance permanently visible on the front side of the aquarium sets in. There is definitely a range of aquarium dimensions which will be amenable to daily scrubbings by the RoboSnail – the smaller the tank, the more the RoboSnail will obscure your gallery of corals so this is a product for bigger aquariums. That being said, for a retail price of $299 there are way more frivolous things that we’ve purchased for our aquariums.

    Already the MOAI robotic aquarium glass cleaner is starting to look like a very promising device. What is most encouraging is the video demonstrations showing that the MOAI seems to trek across the aquarium with relative ease. Having an automatic aquarium glass cleaner that actually works is really cool but the ability to take pictures of your corals, fish and reef tank from anywhere is an exceptionally exciting feature.

  • The RoboSnail held a lot of promise as an aquarium tank cleaner but it’s been on the market for several years now but it never really broke through in the market. As a robotic aquarium glass cleaner, the Ocean Swipe is in a completely different category with boat loads of sensitive sensors and sophisticated programming to ensure trouble-free and effective operation for keeping all of your aquariums walls in tip top shape.

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