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  • Bleaching your hair can be an effective way to lighten it. However, many people also experience an itchy scalp after bleaching. This is not only irritating, but in some cases, it can also be risky.

    It can be a somewhat scary situation to go through, depending on the severity of the burns, and the amount of irritation. Thankfully, there are several solutions to try when it comes to fighting back against an itchy scalp after bleaching.

  • Hair-bleaching may continue to be popular for years to come, as long as we continue to desire specific colors and shades for our own personal looks. But, it doesn’t have to be dangerous when done the right way. If you experience an itchy scalp after bleeding, see a doctor or dermatologist right away.

    With such a range of causes for scalp scabs and itchiness, it’s important to understand the source of your scalp problem as soon as possible. If you have questions about your scalp issues or want to start treatment, talk to your doctor.

    Burnt scalp after bleaching HELP!
    by: Anonymous

    Hey I had black hair and i wanted a dark burgandy I went to a stylist and she bleeched my hair, but now my head is in pain and I have scabs.. Anyone know any good remedies? I did the conditioner thing and it helped alot. but it still hurts. Please helpp!

  • scalp burns/sensitivity
    by: carli

    I have been getting scalp bleeching for around 7 years. And I know i have a sensitive scalp. I do not wash my hair for 3 days before i get it done and only leave it 6-7 weeks at the most as the longer i leave it the worse the pain is when getting the bleeching. I have just had it done again today and this time my scalp is really red and got blisters (first time) You can put full fat milk on the blisters - this has always been recommended by a few hairdressers and beauty therapists I know. It seems to work and cools the area and sooths the blisters.

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