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Tide Simply Clean & Sensitive Laundry Detergent is designed to be gentle on skin, tough on odors, and gets dirt out at a low price.

Tide Free and Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent, 50 oz, 32 loads

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  • When our first son (Vman) was born, he had horrible eczema. One of the smartest decisions I made was to switch to sensitive detergent when he was a baby.

    If your family is anything like mine and has sensitive skin, you may need to take extra measures to care for and protect your skin and find a sensitive detergent that’s still effective. Sensitive skin can make cleaning difficult as many detergents can cause irritation.

  • Initially I switched to a sensitive detergent because I wanted to help his newborn skin. I expected to notice a difference for him, but I was pleasantly surprised to notice a difference for me while using . I have severe environmental allergies. Perfumes and scents can send my sinuses into a tizzy. But I never thought about what my detergent was doing to me. When we made the switch to all free clear, I felt better! I can only imagine how my kids feel having their clothes be perfume free.

    She has sensitivity to detergents and had switched to dye and fragrance-free formulas. She reported no problems and was pleased with the cleaning results as well.

  • My first impression was that this detergent had different scent then I am used to but it smelled nice and earthy. I appreciated that very little of the scent lingered on the clean load of laundry giving me clean clothes that didn’t smell overly like a laundry detergent but instead just gave off a clean smell. I was also very surprised by how very little detergent was needed. I have used concentrated formulas before, but this seemed like an extra small amount of detergent needed per load. I haven’t noticed a difference from switching to this detergent with my own clothing but I know it does a good job cleaning as my clothes always feel soft and clean and look and smell great too. I do feel that the Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Detergent is a positive change for my children and especially my oldest. The detergent hasn’t cause any skin reactions from anyone in our family and I feel his clothing will be much gentler against his skin the next time he does have a reaction to something to not add to the irritation. It is great that this one detergent can be used for all of our clothing and I don’t need to switch between different bottles for different loads and family members.

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I have very sensitive skin so I am very picky on what laundry detergent I use. Arm and Hammer for sensitive skin gets my clothes very clean. I can not use anything with perfume in it because I will start breaking out and I really don't like the way perfumes smell. Anything Arm and Hammer makes I trust completely. When Arm and Hammer detergent is on sale I stock up on it. Sometimes the stores have it buy 1 get 1 free and I will buy as many as I can because it is kind of expensive but I think it's worth it. Other detergents cause me to have rashes but not Arm and Hammer sensitive skin detergent.

My clothes get very clean with Arm and Hammer detergent for sensitive skin. I have a lot of allergies so I need to be careful on what I use on my clothes.

There's only the scent of clean for this product and that's why I love it. There's no dyes or perfumes and it's perfect for sensitive skin like mine.