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Shaklee® Hand Dish Wash Concentrate® - Liquid (16 Ounces)

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  • I have well water and a soft water system. I use Shaklee dishwasher detergent which us a very small amount of product per load. Since the cloudiness, I have added a citric product to assist in cleaning the dishes.

    My dishwasher is an LG model with stainless interior. The interior doesn't have any build-up, just the glasses. Also, knves have had rust spots.

    Any suggestions?


    We’ve been using the Shaklee dishwasher detergent for over a year and love it! I have several friends that use it too and they seem pleased. It is concentrate, so you only have to use a little bit and it is very safe.

  • Someone made the comment that Shaklee dishwasher detergent allowed mold to grow in the bottom of the dishwasher. Vinegar will kill mold. Likewise, if you have sour, mildewy clothes, rinse them in vinegar before you wash them. It kills the mold!

    Shaklee’s Basic H is a versatile home cleaner that has many uses, and most importantly, is safe. How safe are the Get Clean products? My family has first-hand experience. When my sister-in-law’s daughter stuck her finger in the Shaklee dishwashing detergent, and put it in her mouth, her mom called poison control. Poison control told her based on the ingredients in Shaklee that there was nothing to be worried about. If her daughter had ingested other common household detergents, this would not be the case. As Shaklee says, their products are always green, always clean and will always work.