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Clinicians Complex 6% Skin Bleaching Cream, 2.0 Ounce

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  • The majority of the chemical based products use hydroquinone or BHA as the active ingredient in their formula. Here I tell you why you should avoid products with this chemical and I suggest a great natural skin bleaching cream.

    Therefore, you are putting yourself at risk every time you apply the hydroquinone based skin bleaching cream and leave it on your skin for a period of time.

  • With names like "Skin So White," "White Perfect," and "White and Lovely," skin bleaching creams are becoming a popular -- and controversial -- part of many women's beauty routines. While skin lighteners may be used by different people for different reasons, this clip from the documentary which premiered on OWN, focuses on women who apply a chemical agent over their entire face and body in hopes of going from a dark skin tone to a lighter one.

    There is a variety of skin bleaching products currently available. Some creams are specifically designed for use by people that have a lighter complexion, while others are targeted for the African american community. Skin bleaching cream for Africa Americans undergo rigorous inspection due to their complex chemical ingredients. Makers of these bleaching products expose their merchandise into a whole host of checks and analysis so that they can ensure the customer is purchasing the most beneficial skin bleaching cream being presented today.

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  • It is yet another skin bleaching cream suitable for dark skin. It also help in healing cracked dry skin that may have occurred due to sunlight overheating, pregnancy and age spots. It is made of prime ingredients that include Vitamin E, hydroquinone and alpha hydroxyl acids. Keep creams out of reach to children under the age of 12.

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The Professional Skincare Formula bleach cream is also a good bleaching cream because it can also get results fairly quickly. Professional Skincare Formula is one of the trusted brands for facial products and has tested their products for side effects and effectiveness.