The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet Cleaner

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Shark Carpet Buddy No Rinse Carpet Cleaner (RU332) - 32 oz.

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  • The Shark Sonic carpet cleaner performs amazingly well on tough older stains and pet stains, even though it is primarily used as a tool to freshen up carpets and maintain their cleanliness, supplemented by deeper level cleanings. More than one user has been pleasantly surprised at how well the machine attacks tough, embedded stains. Does it work well on both plush and Berber carpets? The answer in each case is a definite yes.

    So to properly deep clean carpets, this Shark Sonic Duo KD450WM/ ZZ550 machine does require users to vacuum the carpet once it dries, to suction out the deep down dirt that has been treated. You can tell the process works – a lot of users have commented on a noticeable difference in their carpets upon vacuuming it. This is the vacuuming after they’ve cleaned the area with their Shark Sonic Duo carpet cleaner.

  • Airglide Maneuverability – Thanks to the micro fiber cleaning pads, the Sonic Duo glides effortlessly over the surface or carpet to be cleaned. There is no need to be fighting powerful suction. The cleaning solution in the cleaning pads, together with only enough suction needed to remove loosened dirt does the job. For added maneuverability, this Shark Sonic carpet cleaner features swivel steering.

    Using the Shark cleaning solutions brings out the best in the cleaner, even though in some locations they can sometimes be hard to find. The Shark ingredients are designed to provide optimum cleaning (or polishing) when used with the micro fiber pads. Using the low-moisture solution is especially important for optimum results. The cleaning solutions most often purchased alongside this cleaner are Shark Sonic carpet cleaner and Shark Hard Floor Cleaner.

  • This duo carpet cleaner can actually provide up to 1000 scrubs per minute, and it is perfect both for carpets and for hard floors (the scrub mode can be easily shifted depending on the surface that you are about to clean). The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet Cleaner only uses safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions that do not endanger your family or your pets, it has a spot remover and a polishing solution, as well as microfiber washable pads.

Includes Upholstery and Stair Tool, Two Bottles of Rug Doctor 60 oz

The Shark Duo floor cleaner is meant for getting up stains and dinginess from your floors and keeping them cleaner and well maintained. You may also have odors associated with stains, especially from pets (, ). This machine will freshen those up as well. In fact, the Shark Sonic Duo carpet cleaner and bare floor cleaner removes four times more dirt that is stuck into your carpets and floors than vacuuming alone ().