Below are the products I use to create homemade stain removers.

This homemade stain remover is awesome! It works on almost any stain, even old ones. AMAZING!

Gain Flings Original Laundry Detergent Pacs, 81 Count

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  • Carpet cleaning pro uses a common household item to tackle this stain: white foam shaving cream! “Basically, foam shaving cream is an air-filled soap,” Carter explains. “So, when used for stain removal, it has the benefits of soap without the concentration. Plus, foam-style shaving cream is a lot easier to rinse out than other over-the-counter cleaning products, meaning it leaves less dirt-attracting residue.”

    There's as a more effective stain remover than regular water. However, of the four methods I tried, this one worked the best in breaking down the wine's dyes. After pouring on club soda and letting it sit overnight, there was practically no trace of the stain left.

  • Wash as soon as possible. Procrastination will make removing the stain more difficult. If you catch a blood stain within hours, running it under cold water and rubbing with fingertips will remove most of the stain. A cold water wash in the machine may just take care of the rest, but if not, try an earth-friendly stain remover such as Ecover or GreenWorks Oxi. If the stain has set, soak in cold water for several hours to loosen the soil and then proceed with instructions below.

    5. Blot the carpet stain with a clean, damp, colorfast towel, absorbing as much of the stain and stain remover as possilbe. Do not scrub! Start with the edges of the spill towards the center to prevent the stain from spreading. Continue to blot and repeat as long as the stain is transfering to the cleaning cloth. Be patient as the complete removal of the carpet stain may require several applications.


    This unusual Ostrich leather handbag had some nasty dark stains caused by drinks being spilled on it. The Leather Stain Remover was used to remove the stain with superb results, completely removing the stain. The bag was then treated with our Leather Protection Cream in order to guard against future stains.


    This black leather car seat had a stubborn white gloss paint stain. With a bit of care, elbow grease and the application of Leather Stain Remover, the stain was completely removed without damage to the leather.


    The bolster of this leather car seat had sustained a significant amount of dye transfer staining from the driver entering and exiting the vehicle. Using Leather Stain Remover the dye transfer was removed from the leather without a trace, leaving the seat looking as good as new!

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    I have always heard about how this works. Well didn't work for me on a sauce stain. I followed the directions and nothing. Shout only dulled the stain a little bit. I won't buy this product again. The commercials are false as well at least in my experience. Sorry shout you definitely failed the sauce stain remover test.

    Could you tell me your measurements for this formula with the baking soda, I make my own laundry detergent, and would love to make a stain remover that works just as well. Thanks.

BEST Homemade stain remover EVER ! - Things Thrifty

Instead, I found this laundry stain removal tip to be much better! Ammonia works better to lift the old set-in blood stains from clothes! I did this method multiple times with overall very satisfactory results.