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Can you simply use a dog tear stain remover?

Petpost | Tear Stain Remover Wipes - 100 Presoaked Cotton Pads - Best Eye Crust Treatment for White Fur - Maltese Angels Approved - Chemical and Bleach Free - 4 Oz. (100 ct.)

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  • Our Natural Tear Stain remover solution system, is safe for everyone, even babies! Works to remove tear stains on most all fur types, for most all breeds of both cats and dogs! We actually put this product to the test on hundreds of various cats and dogs worldwide with the same proven results returned time after time! It works fast, safe, and easy!

    Easy 3 step process for quick PROVEN tear stain remover results. Please note- you really should have the tearing stopped in order to have our product help remove your tear staining- otherwise, as fast and hard as you work to remove tear staining the tears will restain the fur- as in a losing battle. The product is not designed to stop and or treat tearing- it is designed to clean up the aftermath.

  • Get a free copy on tear staining, its causes, and how the Anna Designer Pet Tear Stain Remover Trio fights and removes stains on multiple levels.

    If so, you need to use the Anna Tear Stain Remover Trio System. This is a 3 step process. It really works and it works better than anything else we've tested or tried. Why? We believe it is due to being formulated to break down the chemical reaction on the fur that is causing the stain while protecting each hair shaft from re staining.

    Excel 8-in-1 Tear Stain Remover Pads
    Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator

  • Groomers Goop Degreaser Lotion

    is the professionals’ choice to remove oils from the coats of cats, like Persian, Himalayan, and Maine Coon Cats. It’s also the breeder’s and groomer’s choice for power cleaning all long-haired dogs.

  • It’s enriched formula contains conditioners… Lanolin, Glycerin, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera
  • Groomer’s Goop Conditions While It Cleans
  • keep your dog or cat’s skin protected while tackling tough cleanup like stud tail or removing tar, sap, chewing gum, blood, and even skunk spray.

    14oz tub £ + P&P

    28oz tub £ + P&P

  • K-Purr Assisi Natural Grooming Lotion for Cats
    Blended from natural plant oils
  • pH balanced
  • non-greasy, non drying
  • suitable for all coats
  • natural anti-parasitic - kills fleas
  • suitable for nursing queens and kittens

    £ + P&P

  • Pet Silk Tear Stain Remover
    Gentle professional formula with silk that lightens stains and brightens your dogs coat.

    4oz / 118ml £ + P&P

    TopLine 2000 Coat Repair
    After shampooing with the appropriate shampoo, dilute 1 part conditioner to 4 parts water. Massage well into the coat and leave for 1 minute before rinsing out.

    200ml £ + P&P

    This tear stain remover system is Breeder preferred and Breeder referred for both cats and dogs! Why- BECAUSE IT REALLY WORKS!! Scroll down for a live video demo but Please understand, some stains do take more than one application to clear the staining! Read our whitepaper for more information- yours free by email request and with the purchase of this 3 Step Trio Tear Stain Remover Kit Solution!

About Fidos® Tear Stain Remover 125ml

Directions: For Everyday Use: Moisten a small cloth with Tear Stain Remover and gently wipe over the stained area around the eyes. Then, gently wipe off with a clean dry cloth. Heavy stains may require additional use. Regular use will help discourage stains from recurring.