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  • Fill two buckets with 1 gallon of warm water each. Add 1/2 cup of natural stone or terrazzo floor cleaner to one of the buckets. Put on rubber gloves.

    3. Steam cleaner is the last cleaning tool that you can also use to preserve the fresh, new look of your terrazzo floors. Steam cleaners are often used by most professional cleaners in London. By using this tool, you will be able to remove any water from the floors as well as to leave the surface of your terrazzo floors clean and shiny.

  • Terrazzo is an appealing form of flooring. With its glossy finish and use of marble, quartz, and other chips, it looks great and is considered more high-end than ceramic tiles. Some people also assume terrazzo floor cleaning is easier because of the polished finish of the material. But that isn't necessarily true. The type of cleaning system used plays a huge part in how easily a surface cleans. And as with any floor where shoes track dirt and dangerous bacteria, terrazzo floors require an advanced cleaning technique to ensure soiled floors are spotless. Here is how to best clean terrazzo floors.

    2. Mop is another cleaning tool that you should use to keep your terrazzo floors clean and shiny. It would be better to use a yarn-style mop instead of its sponge version to remove the dirt. Mop the floors with plenty of water. You can also add a few drops of some mild dish-washing liquid to the water in order to not only clean, but also freshen your terrazzo floors.

  • Tri–State Floor Service is the leader in Terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing. We provide the highest level of terrazzo cleaning and polishing with the right products and attention to detail. Our services are offered to cementitious and epoxy terrazzo floors. There are two types of polishing, diamond and topical coating.

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**Always remember that professional terrazzo floor cleaning procedures are the most optimal for keeping your floor’s brilliance. Give us a call at and let us handle all of your terrazzo floor restoration needs.