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The Honest Company - Effective Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent - 70 oz

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  • David Andrews, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group, told the publication that in order to produce the SCS used in the Honest Company detergent, it would require some level of SLS in it. Chemicals manufacturer Stepan echoed that statement, saying that SCS does contain SLS.

    I wish of would of saw this post sooner. I too am a victim of this so called rash. I have what they "Irish Twins" my baby are 11 months apart and my wife is very cautious on what she uses and eats. I really don't care and can use whatever is available. Well we ran out of our regular good old Tide detergent and began using the Honest Company Laundry Detergent. I woke up with a puffy eye and few itchy spots, mainly in the hot spots. I didn't think anything of the itchy spots and the eye I thought was just a Sinus infection. Well anyways I went to work and everybody was asking "What's up with your eye?" I also was wearing a thermal which I never wear because I'm a hot and sweaty guy but I do live in Chicago and was trying to prepare for the weather. I thought the thermal was making me itch. I came back from lunch and the inching intensified. So I went to *** the thermal and saw a nasty rash all over my body. I immediately went to my primary care doctor and he set me up with just a oral steroid and told me to buy Benadryl. So I did and the rash started clearing up about a hour or so later. By clearing up I mean the itch was going away and the puffiness of the rash was going down but the red areas still remained where the rash was. I was still unaware where this rash was coming from and I doubted the laundry detergent because it was supposed to be "organic or free and clear." So I changed our bed sheets and pillow cases and threw on the sheets that were freshly washed with Honest Company Detergent and in the middle of the night I began severely itching. I then started investigating on the Internet and looking at the ingredients on the detergent. I am so grateful I saw your post and I want to know if anyone of the affected people has tried to take this further. Please let me know.

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