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Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, 10-Count Package

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  • We do not have a problem with our washer but decided to use this just incase so we found the Tide Washing Machine Cleaner . It really keeps your washer smelling clean and fresh for months. If you keep your washing machine lid open that will also help fight any odors and will keep your laundry room fresh.

    My daughter complained about her smelly washer machine for months.
    I am a baby boomer and have used white vinegar and bleach to kill odors and mold for decades. Naturally I scrubbed the rubber trim with the bleach first. Then I ran a hot water cycle using an entire bottle of vinegar with an entire box of baking soda. Voila! Odors were gone!
    My daughter is a working mother. A few months passed when the odors were back. She purchased the Tide Washer Machine Cleaner and says it worked just as well without all the work I did! I went to investigate her findings and judge for myself. I still feel as though my muscle grease combined with the vinegar baking soda concoction was just as good and cost effective. You judge for yourself and look at the rubber trim in your machines and keep the door open after washing.

  • I have a front loading washing machine that started to smell funky. The clothes were smelling weird, too, so I tried pouring vinegar into it and running it since I had heard that it would help. That didn't work, so I was glad to hear about Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. At this point, I was getting desperate and was just hoping it would do something! I ran one of the packages through the cycle and was amazed to find that the smell was gone! I now use this product several times through the year to keep the machine from that "old towel" smell. With 4 kids I do a lot of laundry, so this saved the day for me! If you are smelling something strange with your machine, give this a try! I would recommend using it regularly even if you aren't smelling anything yet, just so it doesn't get to that point. One package did the trick for me, and it is definitely worth the small price to get a fresh smelling machine!

    Win it! To celebrate the release of my “How To Care for your HE Washing Machine” TV segment, ClassyMommy and Tide are giving away a year’s supply of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner to one lucky winner. Hooray!

  • Enter to win by leaving a comment below by October 5th, 2011. Our winner will receive a year’s supply of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner – this is 4 boxes (3 packets per box to be used once a month)

Tide Washing Machine Cleaner Review ..

Tide Washing Machine cleaner is awesome, my machine was smelly and the just washed clothes couldn’t sit in the washer for any length of time after washing or they would smell too! I used the cleaner (putting in 2 packets because it was so bad) and it was so amazing! I now use it about once a month, just to keep it clean!