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Tilex Bathroom Cleaner, Spray Bottle, Lemon, 16 Ounces (Pack of 3)

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  • Our family has used this product for the last few years after we switched from scrubbing bubbles due to environmental concerns. It works quite easily with little elbow grease required, the chemicals do most of the work. However the resulting odor is just a nice clean and fresh scent. With normal use your bathroom will sparkle and shine with cleanliness! Our teenage daughter actually loves to clean her bathroom because of this product - go figure!

    Tilex bathroom cleanser works well on virtually all situations, It is great at disinfecting all hard surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen areas of your home. However - the performance on hard water stains requires quite a bit more energy expenditure and elbow grease than the mildew and mold remover from Tilex.

    Tilex bathroom cleanser has a crisp, clean, non-perfume smell. It is definitely extremely less caustic smelling than Tilex mold and mildew remover.

    I have used several different Tilex products over the years and have been pleased with the Tilex Bathroom Cleaner. This is a liquid product and not a foaming one, so just be aware of that when you purchase it. Sometimes a foam is better for things like the mold and mildew spots that will turn up. If you stay on top of keeping the shower and bathtub clean, you will find that the Tilex Bathroom Cleaner works really well. If you let things get too dirty or gross, though, this product won't be the one that you need. I just spray things down and let it sit for a few minutes. Sometimes I use a scrub brush but sometimes I just use a rag to wipe the walls and tub with after it is done soaking. I have been very pleased with how clean this product gets my bathroom. It doesn't stink that bad which is another good thing about it. I would definitely recommend the Tilex Bathroom Cleaner to anyone.

    Does not work that well on hard water stains.

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