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  • Whiteness HP Blue:
    Vital Tooth Bleaching

    Examine the patient's oral cavity regarding the presence of dental caries, failed restorations, enamel fissures, recession in cervical areas, gingivitis, periodontal disease and/or other related problems that might be important to be treated before the beginning of the bleaching procedure. Provide your and the patient's protection.

    Whiteness HP Blue is a product that gathers the technology of the best bleaching dental systems and the new worldwide dentistry tendencies towards conservative and safety techniques for in-office bleaching procedures. Whiteness HP Blue is a 20 or 35% hydrogen peroxide gel. Its formulation is based on the precursor Whiteness HP Maxx bleaching system; however changes in the mode of application and in the composition were introduced in order to increase the efficacy of the new material even under low hydrogen peroxide concentration. Besides the basic formulation of the Whiteness HP Maxx, calcium was also added to the Whiteness HP Blue with the aim to minimize enamel demineralization. A new activator system was included to maximize the performance of the product and eventually a new blue pigment that does not change color throughout the bleaching procedure was also added in order to facilitate the visual control during product application. Regarding the mode of application, the product does not require any light activation (light curing devices, laser, plasma arc unit, etc.) and the bleaching gel is applied just once in each clinical appointment 40minutes for 35% and 50 minutes for the 20% Whiteness HP Blue. The product presentation is also new. The amount of gel that is prepared is enough for bleaching both dental arches and its application is done by means of a syringe. To maintain chemical stability and due to the catalytic potential, the product still keeps the thickener and hydrogen peroxide phases separated, being them mixed only prior to the bleaching procedure.

    If it is still a living tooth (and does not need a root canal), your dentist can design a single-tooth bleaching tray that will keep the bleach away from your other teeth, in order to create the best color match. Once the dark tooth matches the rest of the teeth, that may provide the best cosmetic outcome. If the single dark tooth becomes lighter than the unbleached (other) teeth, then all the teeth can be carefully whitened together if needed.

  • Every one of us is seeking for perfection in appearance going through different cosmetic process. It can be face, skin or teeth. Whatever the problem is, there is a solution for every problem either temporarily or permanently. Among all having genuine white teeth without any defects is rare. The reasons for it could be addictions, things consumed, genus, use of fluoride water. In order to obtain such natural whiten teeth, many of us consult doctors and goes through different treatments. Among all, teeth whitening are mostly preferred by all of us. And for that mostly accepted solution is tooth bleaching. But tooth whitening can lead to several problems which may turn to non solution issues. This articles deals with the problems which will rise because of bleaching teeth using various methods.
    Tooth bleaching and whitening are meant for the removal of stains over the teeth. Based on the status of teeth stain, the bleaching techniques will be applied. Stains will be generally categorized in to extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains over teeth take place because of prolonged consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco etc. Whereas intrinsic stains occurs due to the excess fluoride injection in body, trauma and drugs addiction. Sometimes it can be of teeth color from birth, thickness of color. For all this, there is a solution through bleaching.
    By consulting the dentist, they offer high level of peroxide after cleansing the teeth and covering the gums. For optimal results they suggest for two more sittings. Apart from this, there are general home usage kits, which can be directly used by the users without the involvements of doctor’s consultation. But for this, user has to choose the side effects free teeth whitening kits.

    Spend a day at the University of Minnesota with Dr. Van Haywood, a highly recognized authority on tooth bleaching, and obtain clinical information that can be applied immediately in your practice. You will hear the “bottom line” on bleaching materials and methods as well as clinical protocols for successful treatment of the single dark tooth, tetracycline staining and other brown and white spots. You will also gain insights on tray options, treatment of bleaching sensitivity and the use of bleaching materials for caries control.

    Condition Intervention Phase
    Tooth Bleaching
    Tooth Sensitivity
    Procedure: Combined Bleaching(2x20)
    Procedure: Combined Bleaching(2x20) with arginine
    Procedure: Combined Bleaching (1x20)
    Procedure: Combined Bleaching(1x20) with arginine
    Drug: 8% arginine and calcium carbonate
    Phase 4

  • Tooth whitening (termed tooth bleaching when utilizing bleach), is either restoration of natural tooth shade or whitening beyond natural tooth shade, depending on the definition used.

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Tooth bleaching can make teeth temporarily sensitive -- or be uncomfortable for people who already have . When used incorrectly, home kits can also lead to burned -- even temporarily bleached -- gums.