I am looking for an unscented liquid fabric softener

I'd be quite happy with unscented fabric softener, but I don't even know if that exists.

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  • I am looking for an unscented liquid fabric softener. Is there such a thing and can I find it at the supermarket? I don't like having my clothes smelling like the softener.

    At home I am always the designated laundry person. Being the eldest (and teenage) daughter, I still find it to be the most enjoyable chore around the house. I've never heard of using vinegar to soften cltohes, but I dont like the smell at all so I guess it doesn't matter. During the cold months I just use the dryer, and use dryer sheets (but I rip them in half, I see no reason to use a full sheet). During the summer though, I hang everything in need of drying outside on the line. I've noticed everything becomes SO stiff and scratchy, especially towels. We looked around a little at the store today for some liquid softener, but I wanted the unscented kind because I love the way the laundry smells after being hung up outside in the fresh air. I couldn't find an unscented fabric softener, I thought maybe something more natural might be better? The scents I did test out were revolting and overwhelming. I guess what I mean is, are there any other fabric softeners anyone knows of that are liquid and unscented, at a reasonable price? I read some of these comments already, and the information about the Snuggle brand with the green cap was helpful. Thank you, also, to whoever it was that had the tips about fabric softeners making things more flammable. I didn't know that.

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