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WIN Sports Detergent - Performance Wash for High-Tech Synthetic Sports Fabrics and Athletic Wear (1 32oz Bottle, Blue)

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  • WIN DetergentWe’ve discussed such as vinegar and borax for synthetic fabric funk in the past, but these add-ons to regular laundry detergent don’t seem to work for rebound odor. Good sports specific detergents like WIN, however, are formulated specifically to remove oil and gunk from synthetic fabrics. This two minute video explains how WIN works.

    Another benefit of WIN Detergent is that the bottle is fairly small, making it great for car travel. But even such a small bottle will do a lot of laundry. The 32 oz. bottle will do 32 normal size loads. Use 2 ounces for big loads. Overall I’m happy with WIN and will continue using it for washing synthetics. It works for natural fibers too, in my opinion.

  • Now the fun part for you, dear readers! A giveaway of bottles of WIN detergent. One regular and one Green will be given away by WIN to readers of Getting Fit in MA! Enter using the rafflecopter below:

    I’ve used WIN detergent on 4 loads of workout clothes since and have been happy with the results. (You readers know I try to get in multiple workouts per week – and that can lead to some stinky workout gear laundry piles.) I’ve even washed Sparkly Soul headbands in the loads of workout clothes and they were good as new!

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  • I tried the regular WIN detergent on 10/23 and I was impressed. I washed 2 spandex tees (tagged with November Project spray paint), 1 cotton long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of workout tights, 2 capri pants, 1 spandex tee without any spray paint on it, a bunch of sports bras, and socks. The workout clothes came out of the wash looking like new and smelling great! I worried that mixing a load of laundry with some socks and a cotton shirt would mess up something but it didn’t.

Win Detergent is located in New York, New York

I was sent two bottles of Win sports detergent, original WIN, and WIN green. I really like the smell of the detergent, and I have to say, my clothes DO smell better after using it! My only qualm is that the detergent is very very liquidy as opposed to the thicker formulas of other detergents. Because of this, when I try and pour it into the cap, I manage to get it everywhere! Maybe just a personal issue on my part, and definitely not a reason to not buy it, especially since it gets the job done!