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  • Windex Original Glass Cleaner Refill will give your windows the famous streak-free shine. Because of the Ammonia-D in its formula, it works on dirt before you wipe! Windex is not only for glass, it also works on a variety of surfaces, including the following and many more:

    Windex Original Glass Cleaner advertises that you can clean glass surfaces without streaks, and for the most part, that is pretty true. Their web site mentions that you can clean a lot of...

  • Windex Original Glass Cleaner advertises that you can clean glass surfaces without streaks, and for the most part, that is pretty true. Their web site mentions that you can clean a lot of other surfaces, such as tile, sealed marble, aluminum, vinyl, and more, but I tend to just use this product on windows and mirrors.

    What I like about Windex Glass Cleaner:

    - It is easy to find in stores.

    - It isn't diluted like a lot of glass cleaners (especially some of the store brands)

    - It's not bad about leaving streaks.

    What I don't like about Windex:

    - It's more expensive than the store brands.

    - It might or might not clean things like the window seals - for tough cleaning jobs, I tend to go for other things.

    - I don't think I would like any cleaner enough to actually enjoy washing the windows and mirrors - it's a job that few people even notice.

    My Viewpoint:

    Windex Original Glass Cleaner works pretty well on glass - I haven't had major problems with the spray nozzle, but apparently some people have. I've had more problems with some of the store brands. I guess I'm not particularly loyal to one brand of cleaning supply, especially when cleaning around the house when few people even really notice. With many people tightening budgets, this would probably be one area where I would be willing to go with a store brand, provided the nozzle works and it actually cleans the windows and mirrors. For those who are looking for something environmentally friendly, most commercial cleaning products aren't going to be completely safe for the environment, but I have noticed they have 2-liter refills that might save some money and may be a little more environmentally friendly if the nozzle is still working well on the regular spray bottle.

    Windex Original Glass Cleaner has been around for a long time, and for good reason. It really works. Windex can be used on any glass surface from windows, eyeglasses, cabinet doors, and electronics.

    Windex cleans glass very well. I use it on all manner of products, and I always keep it on hand. The original can be a bit runny, so you have to make sure not to over spray, or you'll get streaks. Otherwise, I've never had a problem with streaks. It cleans spots and stains quickly and usually pretty easily without a lot of effort. It then wipes away cleanly without streaks or smudges. I also use it on window sills, doorknobs, and appliances. Windex is wonderful for dusting appliance as well, and can be used on countertops. I've used it on tile floors before, but it's a bit too slippery for that.

    Windex has a very distinctive scent. It can be a bit strong and ammonia-like, but it's not bad and dissipates quickly.

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The glass cleaner comes in a spray bottle, so you can easily control where you apply it. When the bottle is empty, you can buy a Windex glass cleaner refill container to top up your bottle.