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  • The other tools in Free Windows Cleanup Tool let you clean up computer usage traces in popular programs, remove temporary files, empty recent document lists (all of which will help you recover valuable disk space), and also check start-up programs and fix Registry errors – creating a full backup beforehand just in case. A feature we specially liked is the Custom List, where you can add your own files, folders or registry keys to be scanned and cleaned.

    The interface in Free Windows Cleanup Tool will surely ring a bell. It’s almost an exact copy of the popular , with the same structure and icon layout. The only difference is that Free Windows Cleanup Tool includes an extra feature: a defrag tool for the Windows Registry.

  • Thanks to the Unger ETSET ErgoTec window cleaning tool kit, your window washing jobs have never been easier. A total of 76 pieces are featured in this deluxe kit, including 14 high quality Unger window cleaning tools and step-by-step cleaning instructions that help to quickly clean your windows while maintaining safety, comfort, and control. Plus, a water-resistant nylon and vinyl carrying case allows for convenient transport from one location to the next, ensuring your staff will have everything they need to provide all your facility's windows with a professional clean.

    Kit Includes:
    - (1) 8' OptiLoc 2-section telescopic pole
    - (1) 14" ErgoTec T-Bar
    - (1) 14" Micro StripWasher sleeve
    - (1) ErgoTec squeegee handle
    - (1) 10" "S" channel with ErgoTec Soft Rubber
    - (1) 14" "S" channel with ErgoTec Soft Rubber
    - (1) 18" "S" channel with ErgoTec Soft Rubber
    - (12) 36" ErgoTec Replacement Blade Rubbers
    - (1) 4" ErgoTec Scraper
    - (1) 1 1/2" ErgoTec Safety scraper
    - (3) 16" x 16" MicroWipes
    - (1) ErgoTec Safety Cone
    - (10) The Pill glass cleaner tablets
    - (1) plastic clip dispenser with (40) clips
    - (1) vinyl/nylon carrying case
    - (1) set of cleaning instructions

    Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a handy, free maintenance utility with which you can clean up, fix and optimize your computer in a few clicks.

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  • Free Windows Cleanup Tool helps you keep your computer running as smoothly as possible with a combination of utility programs. Through this app's convenient interface, you can access multiple tools to remove the clutter from your machine and maximize efficiency.

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Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a handy utility whose streamlined interface makes it a good choice for users of all experience levels. It's well designed, and it delivers good results with almost no effort on your part.