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Woolite GENTLE CYCLE Liquid Laundry Detergent, 100 Fl Oz (50 loads) With Color Renew, HE & Regular Washers (Packaging May Vary)

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  • Woolite Laundry Detergent is great as a gentle laundry detergent but it's generally a little on the pricey side so I rarely use it for clothes. It does happen though. Ocassionally I find a really good coupon or there is a store markdown or sale.

    For laundry, it works wonderfully. My kids and I all have very sensitive skin so I can appreciate a product that doesn't have an overwhelming scent and doesn't leave an irritating residue. For that, I commend Woolite. They've been sparing parents from dragging their kids to the pediatrician for rashes and asthma attacks for generations. Especially my kids. Thank God.

    What I primarily use Woolite for is to clean old or damaged artwork. For this application, Woolite is an invaluable investment that is worth its weight in gold. I'll spend the extra money every time, for the assurance of quality and reliability when an artist's life work is at stake. All I do is mix a tiny bit of Woolite into a bowl of warm distilled water and use a makeup applicator sponge to gently spot-clean soiled, dusty and damaged paintings. It works beautifully, without damaging the paint or canvas. For this kind of sensitive work I would never recommend an off-brand or generic detergent. Woolite has earned my unwavering dedication, as well as thousands of other artists and art connoisseurs before me (including the gallery director, artist and teacher who taught me the Woolite technique). I highly recommend it.

    I have used Woolite Laundry Detergent for many years and always have a bottle on hand for my fine washables. Recently, Woolite has come out with a version that can be used on dark colors, which I also purchase because of the product's effectiveness. I have found no other laundry detergent for fine washables that comes close to Woolite. One of their slogan claims that they clean "without fading and shrinking." I have found this to be absolutely true. Over the literally hundreds of loads I have done with Woolite, I have never had any garment fade, not even silks. I noted that at fashion week there were comments that Woolite helps clothes "seem newer longer." Again, I agree completely with this claim. My clothes come out of the washer cleaned but not "aged" as some do when I have use other detergents on my fine washables. Lastly, I have used Woolite on garments that say "dry clean only" and the detergent has produced stellar results, thus saving me a large dry cleaning bill.

  • I ebf, we havent changed detergent or soap. We use coconut oil after baths and always have. I use baby woolight detergent and think maybe thats what it is?? Because his shirt rubs on his chest most and thats where it all appears to be.. but I dont know..

    I don't know what makes Woolite Laundry Detergent so special but I believe it really works. I use this on my work clothes and to wash all my delicates. I really believe it prolongs the life of my delicate clothes. I also believe it does not fade my dark clothing items either. Additionally, I use Woolite Laundry Detergent on my washable rugs and have not had an issue with the fibers weakening or the backs peeling. I made the mistake one time and washed said rugs in another detergent and ruined them. Therefore, I truly believe Woolite Laundry Detergent is gentle and effective. Any item I have to wash that I am worried about stretching, fading or getting ruined, I wash in Woolite Laundry Detergent with positive results. The fragrance of Woolite is just fine for me. I do not like a lot of fragrance but I appreciate a subtle clean smell to my washed clothes and Woolite accomplishes both for me.

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